Crossing the Picket Line

So I had to do something I absolutely abhor today. I had to cross a picket line and not participate in a strike action that I completely agree with. You see today the lecturers are striking to protest changes that are about to be introduced to the pension scheme. Now I am on the side of the lecturers and would have been right there on the picket line. The problem is that I’m not in the union, for various reasons, also that I am paid by the hour, and so this doesn’t affect me at the moment, as nothing goes to my pension. I am aware that if I’m lucky enough to find a job in this country then it will be my problem. I would also have shown solidarity if it didn’t affect me.

The thing is I’m not able to strike and that’s that. I asked my module convenor and  he explained that I would have caused a lot of problems for my department if I did. I really like my department and don’t want them to suffer. Also, this was my last session this term and rescheduling them would have been a nightmare. All of this might seem incidental but it’s quite important. Also, I need the cash, no matter how little it is. So I found myself in this horrible situation where I had to cross the picket line and go teach. I feel bad about it, but I really had no choice. I still hope that the action was successful and that those horrible changes don’t happen.

In teaching news, it was my last session with these students, as I mentioned before. I have to say that the students of my second section are just fantastic. They scored a four for four in their presentations. Every single on of their presentations has been perfect. I am going to miss them the most, and it’s not only because they laugh at my jokes. They were always engaged and ready to participate. Also all of their participation was great. I have high hopes for this group of students. If they keep being this serious they will do well.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it from me. It’s not exactly a full post but it’s getting there. I am very sleepy and tired. I think that I will just relax for a bit before going to sleep soon. I also need to catch up on today’s news. I just got back from university and haven’t exactly been keeping up to date. Things seem to be accelerating in Yemen and Libya, Syria is escalating, and Bahrain is a mess. I wish luck to all the brave revolutionaries around and I hope that they achieve victory against the tyrannical rulers and systems that they are trying to overcome. It is an exciting time to be alive. The world is changing, hopefully for the better. I cannot wait for the revolution to move to Palestine and liberate it from zionism and racism. For now I say good bye to you.


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