Stupid WordPress

So my blog didn’t go up on time yesterday. I got really pissed off. It’s the second time I miss the deadline since I started. I mean I did write it on time but it just didn’t go up until after midnight. It really pissed me off. Anyway, I’m in the middle of work. I’m trying to get my word count somewhere acceptable, because I’m really far from my target. I’ll maybe write a proper post tomorrow, although I can’t promise anything. Anyway, I just wanted to pass by and say hello. I have to admit that my readership fell dramatically now that there is no more controversy around my blog. I mean I literally go 10% of the number of readers I was getting the past few days. It’s really weird looking at the graph of hits on my blog. So as I said see you all tomorrow, please send me positive vibes. Love you bye.


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