A Little More Abuse

I would like to say hello to the many new readers of this blog. It seems that my review of the Promise being trolled by a few people increased the traffic on my blog quite a lot. I hope you enjoy this blog, it’s usually me moaning and naval gazing. On occasion I write about important events or review shows or books I like. Anyway, I write a post every day in order to keep in the habit of writing. Anyway, it’s not all about you new people, some people have stuck with me for almost a year now and I don’t want them to be jealous. So I’m going to stop speaking to you specifically and start addressing the whole bunch.

So as I said the traffic on my blog increased significantly. I was expecting a little more abuse from zionist trolls, but I only got one comment from A Reader. I don’t think that’s their real name. Although who knows maybe it’s Alan Reader, or Alexandra Reader, or Ahmad Reader, who knows. Anyway, this reader wrote the following: “You’re out of your depth trying to understand, let alone writing about, The Promise. It is to lazy thinkers like you that the series was aimed.” So this particular reader doesn’t think I’m delusional, or just kidding, or even that I’m a racist. Simply they think I’m an idiot. To be honest, I might be. I would think that an idiot isn’t really aware of their own stupidity.

But according to this reader, I am out of my depth trying to understand the Promise. I mean according to them understanding it is not even in the realm of possibilities, because trying to understand it is too much for me. I am so thick that trying to understand a television Drama is beyond me. But then the reader makes what I find to be a bit of superfluous point, by pointing out that writing about it is even more out of the question. You see in the course of my academic work I like to understand something before I write about it (I’m not a journalist hey? You know what I mean? ha! zing! …is this thing on? you see I was implying that journalists write about subjects they don’t understand… oh nevermind! My older readers enjoy my sense of humour and my weird writing style, some would say erratic and bad but they’re wrong).

So as I was saying from my experience if one cannot understand a given text they definitely cannot write anything about it, so the point seems to be superfluous. But the reader continues and points out in what seem to be a statement that contradicts their previous statement that the series is made for lazy thinkers like me. This confused me, it might be because I’m an idiot, but if the series is aimed at lazy thinkers like me, then why would I not be able to try to understand it. The point seemed to be that I am too stupid to even attempt to understand it. In other words, the series was way too intelligent for someone as thick as me. However, if it is aimed at a lazy thinker like me then shouldn’t I get it? Or maybe the reader is making an even more disparaging point about me. They seem to be saying that even though it is aimed at a lazy thinker like me, I’m still too thick to get it.

Now this seems to be a little much don’t you think? I mean I don’t think I’m a genius, but I didn’t think I wouldn’t get something that is aimed at me. Well, my liking the Promise and writing about it has made me discover many things about myself. I am apparently a thick, delusional, lazy thinker, who is somehow equivalent to 22 arab states and is a racist. If anything I’ve learned that about myself. Thank you random internet trolls for allowing me to understand myself better. I thought I new who I was but now I have this whole new complex identity to deal with.


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