This is going to be a short post, I’m exhausted and getting ready to go to bed. I slept at about 13:00 yesterday afternoon and woke up at 21:30. I spent the night trying to work but not succeeding. I got really sleepy around 4:00 but couldn’t sleep then, because I needed to teach today. So I fought against my urge to sleep and then made my way to university as soon as I felt it was appropriate. I knew that if I stayed home I might accidently pass out and find that I missed my classes, which is unthinkable. Anyway, I made it to university and started caffeinating myself. I knew that my only hope to be able to teach something useful would be to be wired on that.

Anyway, my classes were very much an exact replica of last week’s. In the first one the students gave a perfectly adequate presentation that involved a fair amount of research. It was very good for their level. In fact, I’m being slightly unfair at the time I felt very happy with it. Yes, some of the students were shaky a bit, but that’s understandable they’re nervous. But most of the relevant information was there and they used powerpoint extremely effectively.

The came the second class. Remember those were excellent last week. I thought that I would never hit the jackpot twice and get a presentation that was 4th year level, I was fucking wrong (For all the prudes reading this: the use of the expletive is necessary and fully justified as it is used in this instance as an adjective that intensifies the sense of the following word. So Shut the fuck up! Now that one wasn’t necessary but I thought fuck it why not. What are you going to do about it?). This presentation was excellent. It covered everything. There was nothing missing at all. They had done tons of research and knew how to use it. They were selective and only used things that made sense and were relevant. I loved it.

After that I had to try to stay awake for 2 more hours before my last class. Now remember last week, I told you it was really bad. I mean they had no powerpoint presentation. It is necessary to have one for this presentation as it is about interpreting a piece of art. They only lasted about 5 minutes, when it should have been 15-20. So I thought no one can do this badly, I was fucking wrong (read last note about use of expletive fuckwit). This time the presentation did last about 18 minutes, but I wished it had lasted only 5. Again they had no powerpoint, even though I had told them to use one. One of the students actually read the wikipedia entry on the subject as is, in a monotone voice while mumbling. It was painful. One of the students was projecting and intoning her voice correctly and engagingly, however the lack of a visual stabiliser, in the form of notes on the screen, meant that most of what she said wasn’t heard properly or was forgotten very quickly.

Anyway, I felt like I had to say something and I did. I tried to be gentle but I couldn’t make it sound like that was okay. So I hammered the point through. Use powerpoint, reading a wikipedia post isn’t a presentation, and please make sure everyone can hear you. I finished my classes and just couldn’t stay in university. So I came back home and watched some tv. Now I’m ready to sleep, and look at that I actually wrote a normal length post. So anyway, I hope you enjoyed my gushing/moaning about my students, now I shall go to sleep and prepare for what will be a very depressing birthday tomorrow. Good night.


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