I am writing this as Libya is set on fire by the murderous regime of Gaddafi. Today, the regime has unleashed hell onto the civilian people of Libya. The news coming out of Libya accelerated in the last few hours. Yesterday, Saif al Islam Gaddafi, Muamar’s son, gave a strange, rambely, insane pre-recorded speech on Libyan state television. In this speech he accused stoners, islamists, Europeans, Americans, bored people, Arabs, Africans, the media, and pretty much everyone that he could think of for the protests. The speech was as crazy as any speech given by his father. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

As the speech ended mercenaries attacked the protesters in Tripoli with incredible violence, using live ammunition. We thought that this would be the most violence we would see, how wrong we were. This afternoon, people made their way to Tripoli in order to continue their protests. All of a sudden we started hearing reports of military jets bombing the protesters. At first we were all sceptical, as this is crazy even by Gaddafi’s standards. However, it was quickly confirmed that this was happening. He actually used military jet planes to shoot his own people.

At the same time news of two Libyan military jets landing in Malta broke. We later learned that these were two high ranking officers who defected because they refused to carry out orders to bomb Benghazi. Also, news kept breaking of Libyan ambassadors all over the world giving their resignation. The reports from Tripoli kept getting more and more dire. News of not only jet planes being used, but also helicopter gun ships, light and heavy artillery, sniper fire, drive-by shootings by mercenaries, and general brutality in the face of civilians. As we’re speaking Al Zawiya, a city west of Tripoli, and a suburb east of the capital are being bombed.

It’s very difficult to get an accurate estimate of the number of casualties. Reports from inside Libya speak of hundreds of dead, left on the streets because no one can get to them. What we are witnessing is a war crime against an unarmed civilian population. There are reports that planes are on their way to Benghazi in the East, the second largest city, to bomb it. Earlier two planes landed in Benghazi after the pilots refused to bomb the city. It is really impossible to know the extent of the destruction in Libya at the moment.

The Arab league finally decided to meet tomorrow (tomorrow! Giving Gaddafi 24 hours to murder more people before they do nothing). The African Union are silent. Most of the Arab countries have said nothing, except Qatar which seems to have made a strong statement against what is happening (although statements do not help the people who are being bombed). The UN is MIA. They said that there will never be another Rwanda, yet it seems that the security council isn’t even planning to meet, let alone send relief. This, I believe, is the final nail in the coffin of the credibility of the UN, after the latest veto by the US of a resolution condemning the israeli settlements using American language.

Anyway, I am sad and angry. My brothers and sisters are being murdered by an insane megalomaniac, while the world watches. I don’t really know what more to say. This is the most brutal and horrible repression we have witnessed in a very long time. Only israel and the US have shown as much brutality in using the airforce to kill civilians. Anyway, I’ll stop writing now because I don’t have much more to say. I extend my condolences to the people of Libya and I praise their courage and bravery in the face of untold brutality.


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