The Day the Counter Revolution Tried to Take Over

Right! I’m writing this in a bit of a frenzy because things have escalated and change radically in Egypt. As you remember yesterday was a wonderful day where, according to many sources including Al Jazeera, around 8 million people went down to the streets and protested against the regime of Mubarak. It was an inspiring and historic day. We saw the people of Egypt send a strong message to the tyrant. Everyone watching these scenes felt empowered by the peaceful display of people power. Egypt showed the world that it will no longer accept the rule of Mubarak and the tyranny of any despot. Yesterday was a day of hope. Today reminds us that nothing can be taken for granted, a revolution has to defeat the forces of counter revolution which have appeared on the streets of Cairo today.

But before getting to this, let’s talk about what happened last night. So After the people of Egypt clearly and unambiguously called for Mubarak to step down right now, Mubarak appeared on tv and announced that he will step down in September and not seek another term as president. Basically he spit in the face of the people of Egypt. The funniest moment of the speech was when he started referring to himself in the third person, showing the size of his ego. This announcement was met with jeers and renewed demands for him to leave. Later that evening Obama gave an empty speech asking for transition to start now.

Anyway, clearly the regime wasn’t ready to give up his power that easily. However, what happened today is beyond words. The regime sent thousands of thugs and paid pro-mubarak protesters to look for a fight with the revolutionaries. They first confronted each other and just chanted at each other. But then suddenly the ‘proMubarak’ camp broke out and attacked the anti-Mubarak revolutionaries. They used horses and camels, the were armed with stones, machetes, knives, sticks, Molotov cocktail, and guns. The army did nothing to protect the people, and that is something that the people are getting angry about.

The quiet and peaceful protests turned into violent clashes between thugs sent by the regime to intimidate and kill and the people defending their right to live in peace and without tyranny. So far, it seems that 2000 people have been injured and at least three have died. The clashes quickly turned ugly. However, the revolutionaries were able to stay on tahrir square and are still, as we speak controlling the square. What we have seen is the level of organisation of the pro-mubarak thugs. They came in in trucks and their appearence was clearly calculated. Later those that the protesters were able to arrest turned out to either carry police ids or have confessed to being paid in order to protest.

The clashes were described as medieval, as the anti-Mubarak protesters were able to construct moving metal barricades and advance on the pro-Mubarak thugs. Those kept throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at them. However, as I’m writing this, it seems that the protesters were able to liberate the area around the museum, where pro-Mubarak protesters were centred. There are news that a new attack on the square is imminent, but this hasn’t been confirmed. As things stand right now. It seems that the regime has played its last cards, we hope, to defeat this movement and stay in power. However, in doing so, they have caused a blood bath and have done more damage to themselves.

One of the most interesting moments today, came when on Al Jazeera English the minister for antiquities compared Mubarak to Nero. He said that like Nero sat on his throne as Rome burnt, Mubarak has decided to burn Egypt and stay on his throne. He also said that Mubarak is a liar and must step down. During all this, Egyptian state tv kept showing alleged anti-Mubarak protesters confessing to having been trained by in turn israel, Qatar, the USA, Hamas, Syria, Turkey, Hezbollah, Iran, and others to stage a coup against the regime. This is clearly very credible as all of these different entities have been known to work together. I honestly don’t know how to regard Egyptian state tv anymore. It’s almost as if they have decided to become a satire of themselves.

Anyway, I will stop writing now, because I’m following the fast moving events. I will try to write a more composed post tomorrow. Of course that highly depends on the events in Egypt. If things calm down then I’ll be able to focus on writing rather then write as I’m reading and watching the news. Anyway, my heart goes to the brave people of Egypt who are writing with their blood a new glorious chapter of the Arab world’s history. To those brave and mighty people I extend my moral support and hope that I am playing my part in supporting them by writing these posts and spreading the information coming out of there through twitter and Facebook. Long live the revolution.


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