Palestine Papers 3 and Egypt

I think I’m mad again. No scratch that, I am angry again. The third batch of the Palestine Papers has been released by Al Jazeera the Guardian, and they are, as they say, Dynamite. Now, none of them are absolute shockers, but they confirm many of the suspicions we all had about the brutality of the PA’s  police forces and the extent of their collaboration. The revelations range over a number of issues. They basically show the extent of the collusion between the PA security forces and the israelis. The papers also show that MI6 was willing to help quash hamas and using EU money to pay for internment of Hamas members.

Now I will cover the revelations today, but I also need to speak about what’s happening in Egypt because it is very important. I’m not going to talk too much about Lebanon because what’s happening over there is just shameful. What we see in Lebanon is the result of the sectarian system and the corruption brought about by Hariri. The people protesting are doing so because of tribal and sectarian concerns rather than genuine political interest. This is the lot of Lebanon, a bunch of thugs in power who are followed by a bunch of sheep. I’m a little angry about it, I don’t know if you can tell.

Anyway, getting back to the Palestine Papers. What we’ve learned today is that israel and the international community were building a police state headed by the PA. The PA security chief discussed the assassination of an important figure in the resistance movement with israeli security officials. The PA has also turned into a more and more paranoid entity and the enemy of shifted from israel to Hamas. Basically they saw Hamas as their enemy because they threatened their position of power. Saeb Erekat even said: ‘We even killed our own people to maintain order and the rule of law’. What they call law and order of course is the limitation of any descent in Palestine. This isn’t news exactly, but it is good to know that what we thought is actually true. It seems that they, the PA, continue to enforce their hold on power by dictating what is and what isn’t to be said in mosque sermons. Also, the idea of a demilitarised Palestine was forced onto the PA. Israel wanted a strong police, but no army. In other words, Palestine under the PA was going to be a Bentustan.

I’m not going to talk too much more about the Palestine Papers, because those are the main points to remember. Basically the PA and israel agreed that their common enemy is Hamas. This shows how disconnected the PA has become. To consider another Palestinian faction to be more dangerous than the occupier and oppressor, is quite insane. But as I said, I’d leave the Palestine Papers for now and focus on the other major story coming from the Middle East and that is Egypt. Today marked an extraordinary day in the history of that country, and the whole region. Tens of thousands of Egyptians all over the country went to the streets to demand that the dictator Housni Moubarak to leave power.

As I’m writing this. Police has turned very violent and they are attacking the protesters with tear gas and possibly live gun fire. So far there are unconfirmed reports of 7 deaths and tens of injured. Clearly what happened in Tunisia is starting to become contagious all over the arab world. The arab world is witnessing the most interesting and important time since the early 20th century. A person on twitter (@Faiyla) described this very interesting time as ‘the biggest Revolution in the Arab world since 1916!’ And I am inclined to agree. Hilary Clinton was quick to show her support for the tyrant, no surprise there, Americans like democracy only when we the evil brown masses vote the way they like. Moubarak is their man so of course they’d rather have him then have a free Egypt.

Anyway, my thoughts are with the Egyptian demonstrators. I hope they keep strong and stay safe. They are changing the face of the region in a way that the wars and invasions by the US/UK/israel were never going to achieve. These are the real ‘birth pangs’ of a new Middle East, a truly free and democratic Middle East. This Middle East is not going to be the lap dog of israel and the US, but it will hopefully be representative of its people and their demands. I will keep checking the news and hope that Egypt becomes the new Tunisia.


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