Sleep, Sleep, Wherefore Art Though My Sleep?

I am having trouble with my sleep again. As the title to this post hints quite subtly. I am sleeping later and later, and therefore waking up later and later. Also, because of the shorter days, I’m going to start being a nocturnal creature, that is I only live when it’s night, for those who don’t know what nocturnal means. So I’m stuck having days that are hazy and unproductive, and nights that are restless and irritating. This is all very very annoying.

Anyway, apart from the moaning I don’t really have much to talk about. I’m getting ready to go to Algiers next week. The problem is there are a lot of riots going on and I don’t know if it’s safe to go or not. I will talk to my father about it on Sunday and make the final decision then. I have already bought my ticket, but if it’s too dangerous then I’ll let it go.

I have been wanting to write about the riots, but I don’t have enough information. I don’t want to start speculating about them without having all the facts with me. The western media is saying that they are mainly due to the high prices, but they also try to link them to some kind of political discontent. I’m sure that it’s there but I don’t know how much of it is about the ruling party, as opposed to all the political parties which would sound more plausible to me. Anyway, as I said I don’t know much and if I go there next week I’ll try to gather as much info as I can and share it with all of you.

I guess that’s about all from me today. I know it’s a short and unsatisfying post, but you know not all posts can be fantastic. Stop badgering me, I’m tired I haven’t been sleeping properly, it takes its toll. You know I can’t always perform to the high standard you’ve been accustomed to. Sometimes I will blow your minds away, and sometimes I will gently rock one or two neurones. Oh and before you get all giggly, there are no euphemisms in what I’ve been writing. I’m not making it sound like my posts are sex, that’s all in you heads you dirty little bastards. Alright, alright, you’ve broken me. It was a euphemism. Happy now?


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