Back to Bad Sleep

So I’m back to bad sleep. I stay up until very late and wake up so late that the sun is almost setting. This means that I’m in a bit of a cranky mood. It’s okay though I’ll get over it. It’s just a little bit annoying. Also, After a few very nice posts, if I may say so myself, I’m a little bit stuck not knowing what to write about. You see there are a few subjects I could write about, but  don’t have enough information on any of them to write something interesting or informed about them. That doesn’t stop the Daily mail though, am I right? Boom! in your face bad journalism. I have brought you to your knees with my very wry and very sharp wit.

But seriously I’m a little stuck. I can’t think of anything that I can write about. Although I guess I could give you a quick review of the Batlestar Galactica films I watched. Right, so that’s what I’ll do. Everyone sit and pay attention now. Right there are two tv movies that were produced to add to the richness of the series. Basically, the series is the main body of the piece and these movies are like little extra bits that expand on certain characters and their storylines. The thing with them though is that if you haven’t watched the series they will make absolutely no sense to you. They aren’t stand alones in any way, shape, or form (that phrase always bothered me because form and shape are kind of the same thing, but I digress). They are basically composed of already seen footage, mainly to frame the films in the timeline of the series, and a bunch of new scenes that expand and shift the focus onto the subject of the films.

The first film is BSG Razor. This one was aired between series 2 and 3. They focus on the battleship Pegasus’s story. It is the weaker of the two films, but it is very good none the less. It shows us what happened right after the Cylon attack and the way in which the crew of the Pegasus approached the new order. It is an interesting study of the ease with which one can slip into war crimes and the complexity of moral questions when you are the weaker side in a war. I really enjoyed it and would very much recommend it for anyone who enjoyed the series. It gives a bit more colour to the already very colourful BSG universe.

The other film is BSG The Plan. Now, I can’t talk about this one’s storyline without giving away too much. I will however say this, The plan refers to the Cylon’s plan to destroy the 12 colonies and their remnants. It focuses on the ones and their efforts to destroy the humans. That’s all I can say, and already I feel like I’ve given away too much about the series. The point is that this movie is a must watch for any BSG fan. However, you really need to have watched the series first, not only because it won’t make any sense otherwise, but also because it’s filled with spoilers.

Anyway, that’s an alright post, considering I didn’t really know what to write about. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of something better to say tomorrow. I highly doubt it as nothing has happened to me today that is worth writing about. I’ll try to think of something though. In the mean time, have a pleasant day/night.


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