First Sunday of the Year

Right, this here will be a bit of a short post. You see I’m dealing with a bit of an emergency with my pluming, no that’s not a euphemism. I will hopefully make it up tomorrow with a long post about the whole sordid affair. Anyway, that was just by the by. I am supposed to write about yesterday, so here it comes.

So yesterday was the first Sunday of the year. I spent it planning the rest of the week and really the rest of the month. I want to be done with this chapter and start on the next one by the end of the month. This shit requires some planning for it to succeed. I also planned some guitar time and some vocalising time in there. The gym will have to wait a bit longer. I also decided to take the day off, with regard to work. I thought that this way I could start fresh on Monday. That was the plan at least.

I spent the rest of the day watching me some wire. I’m almost done with the series so will be able to review it soon. I really don’ have much else to talk about. And even if I did, as I said in the intro I have some nasty stuff to attend to. Anyway, sorry for the sort post. I will tell you all about my plumbing and other stuff in the next post. Enjoy the rest of your day, bye.


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