Staying Awake

Right new blog post. I need to figure out what to write. I’m not sure. What could I write about? I’m not sure. This is most regular (I know it should be irregular, but this happens to me everyday so it is regular. It’s a joke, stop being phrase nazis). As you might tell I’m slightly high on caffein and sugar. Can you tell? Can you tell? Huh? huh? You bunch of Punks! Wanna take it outside? I’ll kick all your arses. That’s right I will. Well I just hope I don’t hit the downer while I’m writing this, otherwise it would turn out to be quite an inconsistent post. And we can’t have that, can we my precious? No we can’t. That’s what I thought.

Anyway, seriously. Why am I so high on caffein and sugar? Well you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about it. I’m not going to tell you and there’s no way you’ll find out by yourselves. It’s such a mystery. But so Thursday. What happened on Thursday? Well as I said yesterday, I was planning to stay up until a normal time. That way, I thought I could get to wake up at a normal time on Friday. So I was up from around 19:00 on Wednesday. I spent the night playing Uncharted 2, and watching Back to the future 2. I thought after watching the first one, I had to see Marty McFly go to the dizzying future of 2015. I discovered that in 5 years, the internet will have disappeared. But we’ll have flying cars and hover-boards. Also, we’ll have clothes that automatically fit, and dry you if you get wet.

I was surprised that the internet disappeared. Because as we all know Back to the Future is a documentary. I thought the internet would have become sentient and order all of our machines to enslave us. Although, we have the ultimate weapon, and that is tea. All we need is to drop the contents of a cup of tea, it could also be coffee, or water, or juice, or soda, or alcohol, in fact any liquid, onto them and we would render them useless. Maybe that’s what happened in 2012. Who knows, that might be what the Mayans were on about. I also thought it was odd that with all these advances, future Marty’s broken hand that doesn’t let him play guitar anymore couldn’t be fixed. Anyway, who am I to question the veracity of that documentary.

Other than that, I started getting sleepy around 10:00, that was always a hard time. But I survived it. I then got sleepy again around 12:00. And I survived again. I was quite pleased with myself. The came the dreadful 15:00. But I managed to stay up then as well. I thought that was it. I was going to sleep at a normal time, catch up on some sleep, and wake up on Friday all refreshed and ready to face the world. At 18:00, I thought that’s a good time to sleep, because I have had such bad sleep that I am bound to sleep for more that 8 hours. I crawled into bed and just like that I was out. Out like a light. Out like I’ve passed out. Out like someone knocked me out.

Now you’re all asking yourselves, did I actually wake up at a normal hour? Does the fact that I am so high on caffein and sugar have anything to do with it? And if so, what exactly? Did I go insane, and I’m now using this blog as a last plea for help? Or am I just being humorous? If so, am I successful in this endeavour? Or have I just alienated my core readership? Are the voices in my head real or not? The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed in tomorrow’s post. See you then. Well not exactly see you. I guess the right thing to say would be write you tomorrow. And you would reply, yeah read you tomorrow. Or maybe, no I’m away from my computer tomorrow, but read you in a couple of days, all at once. Or something like that. Bye.


One Response to “Staying Awake”

  1. zalface Says:

    Bloody hell just reading this has given me heart palpitations! 🙂

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