Quick Note and Caprica

Right this is going to be quick. I will expand on my post later this evening, but I’m going out soon and I don’t know when I’ll be back. So I thought I could write a paragraph now and then write more later. I’m a little bit in a hurry. So that’s all for now.

Right So I’m back and I will now write a proper post. So Wednesday was a very strange day indeed. I woke up super late and felt like it was Thursday all day. I didn’t do much work, but that’s okay. I did however start watching Caprica, which is set in the reimagined world of Battle Star Gallactica about 58 years before the events in the earlier series. I really like this series. I think that I really like the BSG universe. I thought that the second season was cancelled, but I’m getting conflicting information online. But anyway, this first series is really really good.

Just like BSG there is a conflict between monotheists and polytheists. However, this is set before the Cylons were created (Those who have seen the whole of BSG will know that this statement needs a lot more explanation but I can’t give away too much). In fact it chronicles the way in which they were first made on Caprica. But just like BSG, there is so much more going on. While one of the main over-arching themes of BSG was artificial intelligence, Caprica seems to focus more on virtual reality. It is looking at themes of life and death, of the problematic absolutism of a monotheistic faith, the role and effect of the virtual world onto the real world and vice versa, and at the rise of the Cylons.

The cast is very good. There are a bunch of young people, some of which tend to be a little whiny, but they’re supposed to be so I guess that’s okay. We also get to see a little more of life before the war and the politics of the twelve colonies. We also get to understand a little more the stratification of these twelve colonies. The focus is obviously on Caprica and its inhabitants, but we also understand the torans a bit more. They are a mixture of Italian-American mobsters, Jewish and Arab ritualists, and having generally Mediterranean temperaments.

It’s also important to note that this series takes place in a time before the twelve colonies were unified under one leadership. There isn’t, or at least there doesn’t seem to be, a president of the twelve colonies. each colony seems to have its own government. Which is interesting, especially for someone who watched BSG.

Another theme is terrorism and its effectiveness in advancing a political cause. Although this is not explored as deeply as it should. It is a theme that is still there, although I feel that the first BSG dealt with it better.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have to say about it I think. I tried not to give away too much. I think I was able to do that. It’s a good series, but I would watch BSG first. Well I would watch BSG if I was you regardless of whether you would watch Caprica or not, because it is fucking brilliant. And also that’s it from me, I will now go and watch the rest of it and enjoy it. I think that I will finish the series tonight. Also, I really want to know if there will be another series or not. Anyway, that’s it from me see you tomorrow.


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