A Lazy Day

Well Tuesday was a very lazy and unproductive day. I did nothing but watched a bunch of stuff online. It was nice doing that. I watched a bunch of stuff, but mainly I watched the second series of Star Gate Universe. It’s a very good series. I like that there isn’t really a character that is completely likeable, except maybe one. But this fact is integral to the story line and is one of the major plot points. We have three or four characters that are fighting for the leader spot. Each one has his or her weaknesses and dark side. It’s really a very good show.

The basic plot revolves around people being stranded on an Ancient ship that is making its way in the universe. I put a capital on Ancient, because it refers to a species (Alien species in a sense). They have no way of going back home and have to figure out a way to live together and survive and ultimately come back to earth. The series is really very powerful.

I thought that the first series was a little weak. It was clearly having difficulties finding its feet but the second series seems to have remedied these minor problems. You can see that the writers have found their voice and the narrative advances quite a lot. But more importantly we finally get to start the exploration of the technology/divinity tension that is a staple of the series.

As you might know, the film and much of the first series Star Gate SG1 revolved around the fight between the human race and a highly advanced alien species that used technology in order to masquerade as gods. This was developed quite a lot in that series. But the main point of all the Star Gate franchises is that this tension was always there. The first series of SGU had only one passing mention of what seemed to be very advanced aliens. But that was sorely missed.

However, this series is finally getting to that. We’re also encountering a possible intelligence buried in the fabric of reality itself. It would be nice if this doesn’t turn out to be an introduction of a god, but of a highly advanced alien race. Well the second series is now in hiatus until spring 2011 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

While doing all of that I was aware that Tuesday night was the third episode of Frankie Boyle’s show. I had decided that I wasn’t going to watch it because, well frankly because it was shit. It was unfunny and unoriginal. The only thing that it tried to do was push the envelope of disgust and offence as far as it could, while forgetting to be funny. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind offensive material. In fact I believe that I have defended Frankie Boyle in the past on this very blog. But he always seemed to have a point before. It was never simple offence, or if it was at least it was funny. This show is just disgusting.

Between rape, borderline racist, homophobic, disableist, and sexist jokes the show had little to no redeeming features. The stand up bits sometimes brought the shadow of a smile to my face, but nothing more. So I decided not to watch it. However, after I was done with SGU, I was left there with nothing to do. So I watched the third episode on 4OD (the internet watch again service from channel 4). I wasn’t disappointed it was a s awful as I imagined it would be. Just crass unfunny rude stuff. I didn’t watch Morgana though since that god awful first show and never will. I don’t know what’s wrong with Channel 4 comedy. They really need to rethink what they’re doing. They were a beacon that brought alternative comedy to the mainstream. Now they seem to be bringing back the 1970s, only with a lot more bullying and swear words.


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