Another Day

I didn’t do much today either. I spent most of the day watching the news and the parliamentary session. I have to say I am very proud of the students and their protest. I can’t believe that 80% of the funding of unis is cut. Especially in my field, the humanities. I am very worried about finding a job when I’m done as I am an international. I think that there will be clearly a discrimination for locals. I really don’t want to go back to Lebanon and if I don’t find a job that is all I can do. It’s shitty as I really like it here. I think England is the best place for me. I like pretty much everything about here. So that’s what has been going on through my mind today. I am hoping to pick myself up soon and do some work. I also need to do some shopping but cannot really face the world. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. I’ll hopefully start typing longer posts soon. But I can’t face the prospect yet.


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