Teaching, Occupation, and Emo Snowman

So Thursday was my last day of seminars for this term, I still have to do a workshop next week but that’s just one hour. I plugged the occupation and was happy to see that most of my students were actually quite excited about it. It was nice to see that they care. You should all know that Nottingham is known as a school for posh kids who didn’t make it into Cambridge or Oxford. Of course that’s not true of everyone, but there is a high concentration of quite apathetic entitled brats. Yet these students were all outraged by the hike in tuition fees, and they all seemed to understand the subtleties of the proposed system, as well as its place within the whole regime of cuts. People keep saying that kids today are stupid, well these ones sure are smarter then most adults.

I had watched the Newsnight episode with one of the Cambridge student occupiers and was appalled, although sadly not surprised, by the complete and utter patronising attitude of the ‘grown ups’. They kept implying that the students don’t really understand what they’re doing and that protesting is just something one does when they are students. They really don’t understand that this generation is actually quite politicised. They cared about Iraq, they care about Palestine, and now they care about the direction the UK is taking. They aren’t good for nothings. They are intelligent and caring. I think that this generation will effect change and I do believe that the next few years will be very interesting.

Anyway, we got news that the registrar had ordered the students to leave by 4:00 or they would be evicted. We all made our way there then to show solidarity and to be numerous. There was a very high number of people, including a few faculty members, as well as many Trent students, and some college students. The atmosphere was very cool. Everyone was having a good time and some great conversations were going on. People were discussing theory and practice, past political movements, and the current climate. It felt like I was in one of 1968’s amphitheatres and occupied rooms at the height of the student movement.

Well I still had to teach another class, so I left and it seemed that the threat was never going to materialise. I think the registrar thought that by scaring them they would leave voluntarily. How wrong he was. So after my class I went to C and A’s house and we played with the snow. It was great having snowball fights and running around. When we were done with that we decided to build a snowman in their back garden. So we made our way there and got to work.

It was great fun and by the end we had one of the coolest snowmen around. He had a mohawk that we painted grey. He had black eyes that looked that they were done with runny mascara and a bloody mouth. He was quite the sight. I will hopefully put the pictures up if I ever get them. After that we ordered pizza and played a bit of FIFA. Later I made my way back home, wrote my blog and hoped to go to sleep early, although I didn’t, as I was going to go to Leicester on Friday in order to pick up my now fixed laptop. I will tell you all about this tomorrow, so you should comeback to my blog in order to know what happened.


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