Work Friday

Right, I’m in Liverpool right now. I have just witnessed an amazing performance. I will write about this and more in tomorrow’s post. I am going to write a short one today, as I am sleepy and tired, so that what I write will probably be shit. So anyway, let’s talk about Friday. I woke up early on Friday and decided that I would work from home and then make my way to uni at some point in order to pick up some books from the library and get some paperwork dealt with. And that’s exactly what I did after lunch. It was very cold in the morning and I didn’t really want to deal with it.

I got the books I needed and got my rail card application signed and sorted out. You see as I am a ‘mature’ student, they mean old, I need my student rail card application to be signed by someone at uni. Basically, they need someone to vouch for me that I am actually a student. So I did that. I thought about maybe working a bit at uni but since I’m mainly reading at the moment, I’d rather be at home. I hate reading at a desk and that’s the only option at uni. The space with the couches is usually quite loud.

So I went back home and worked. I actually worked quite hard. In fact, I worked so well that I ended up writing a good amount of stuff, not all of it usable but it’s better than nothing. I worked so hard I ended up not going out with my friends. I just realised that the last two sentences have the same rhythm as yo mama jokes. It seems that I am a poet and I do not know it.

Anyway, I watched peep show at 22:00. For those who don’t know, peep show is a brilliant British sitcom that stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb. It is rude and smart and silly and very well written. I highly recommend it. Anyway, so Friday bight was the first episode of the new season. It was an immense hit. Fantastic from start to finish. I laughed so hard so many times, I thought I might end up having a hernia.

Anyway, I think that’s all from me today. I’m sorry about the lack of substance in the last few posts. I think that I will make up for it tomorrow. Or at least I hope I will. So on this note, I bid you all good night and I urge to come again tomorrow.


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