Right, so as I said yesterday, Sunday night was a horrifying night. My computer screen was cracked and I was left feeling heart broken and very worried about how much it would cost me to repair it. I slept very late because I was so upset. I woke up, earlyish, on Monday and made my way to the train station in order to go to Leicester, where the nearest Apple store is. As I arrived, the train that I wanted to take was making its way into the train station. I knew that I would miss it since I needed to buy my ticket and make it over a bridge in order to get to the right platform. So that was annoying. I made my way slowly to the other platform and sat on one of the benches.

Now for those who have never seen Beeston train station, the platforms have a series of small alcoves with benches in some of them. So I sat on one of those benches, very near the top of the platform. The bench in the alcove next to me had someone sitting on it, I didn’t really notice the person at first. Then as I was sitting and waiting for the train, that person threw an empty¬†stella can on the floor quite forcefully and grunted quite loudly. I realised that this person was very intoxicated. He then started speaking very loudly, I couldn’t make out what he was talking about, as I don’t speak drunk. I then realised that people were congregating in and around my alcove, although on the side that is away from the drunk man. Everyone was trying to avoid the potentially violent drunk man.

I got up from my chair after a bit and walked towards the tracks, as I wanted to have a look at the drunk man who is terrorising that whole platform by simply being drunk. I looked at him and he turned out to be a jolly looking old man. He was a little bit disabled and needed croutches to walk. So he was clearly a non-threat. So I made my way past him towards the emptier side of the platform, hoping that I would then find a seat more easilly on the train. My reasoning was clearly sound, as most people would get on the carriages on the far side. It turned out to be the case and I had two seats to myself.

The train journey was short and enjoyable. I had the name and post code of the shopping center where the apple store is stored in my iphone. It looked like it was very close by. I started walking towards it using my very neat maps app. But ten minutes in, it was clear that the post code was wrong and that I was walking in circles. So I decided to do it the old fashioned way and actually initiate human contact by asking a random person on the street for directions. I asked this young lady, who it turned out actually worked at the apple store. That was a bit of luck for me. So she told me where to go, and I went on my merry way. Well I say merry, I was depressed about my laptop.

So anyway, I finally make it there and go into the store. I found a genius and talked to him. He informed me that I had to make an appointment at the genius bar to talk to some technicians. He wasn’t able to tell me if I would have to pay for it, or if it was going to be free. All I know is that it isn’t going to be sorted for another two days. So I made an appointment for Wednesday and then bought myself a cable to use my computer on my tv.

By then it was lunch time and so I had a nice soup at the Eat there. After that I made my way back to the train station. I waited for the train but it was delayed, and then when it arrived it was clear that it was one of those trains that stops at a million stops before getting home. Well it was 6 stops, but still. Anyway, I got on and sat in a nice seat all by myself. I was feeling a little bit better about it by then, because I knew that it was going to be resolved on Wednesday, one way or another.

When I got home I tried connecting my laptop to tv. All I got was my wallpaper and nothing else. This really freaked me out. I don’t know what it means. Is my data okay? Is it lost? What do I need to do? I then thought that there was absolutely no need to have my knickers in a twist about the whole situation and just wait for Wednesday, when a technician genius will tell me everything I need to know.

So that’s the story of my trip to Leicester. A gave me his spare laptop today, to use until my one gets fixed. I am using it to type this post up right now. I did spend last night without a laptop for the first time in years. It is very strange not to have this crazy machine that connects you to the world. I don’t think I can ever live without one. I must get my laptop fixed.


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