Weird Night

So I had promised that I would update last night’s blog if I didn’t sleep. The problem is that I slept early but had a very bad night that involved me waking up many times and spending most of the night in that weird not asleep but not awake state. I think that in fact I have forgotten how to sleep. I think I need to retrain my body to sleep properly. It’s weird to think that this is what has happened to me. I really need to sort out my sleep sooner rather than later. The point is I woke up around 10 and had a few errands to run, and some things to do before I could attend to my blog. But here I am now and ready to write. I toyed with the idea of editing yesterday’s post because it was such a short and useless post. But then decided to be lazy and just write a new post.

So yesterday was an alright day. I woke up a bit late and so didn’t go to uni too early. I had my classes in the afternoon, and was kind of looking forward to them. So I ate lunch and made my way there. The classes were okay, but they were incredibly tiring. I don’t remember feeling quite as tired as I did after this set of classes for a long time. The students did participate, but I had to talk a lot. I needed to make some points that weren’t going to be made by the students, because most of them would not have known these things independently. So I talked and talked and then talked some more.

I was very proud of myself though. We’re working on The Wretched of the Earth, a book by Frantz Fanon on colonialism. It is considered quite a seminal work in postcolonial studies. So I had to explain the idea of violence and make the students try to consider the question of whether there is moral equivalency between violence used by the colonisers and violence used by the colonised. So while doing that I kept referring to colonisation as the occupation and kept talking about dividing the land between the occupiers and occupied and preventing the natives from going back to their land. I also referred to apartheid and made a few cryptic references to modern manifestations of apartheid. The thing is I can’t be too direct and speak about Palestine.

But it seemed that the message was getting through. I asked what they thought. Can one make a strict comparison between these two types of violence? and is violence justified sometimes? Most of them seemed to argue that one cannot see both sides as morally equivalent. The also kept referring to, what they called, the fake idea of objectivity. They meant by this, the fact that many times the media would say things like we are presenting both sides of the story and letting people decide. They said that just because there are two side to a story, it doesn’t mean that they are both valid. It is important, they argued, that the media points out that one of the sides is wrong. One of them even used the Holocaust as an extreme example. They said that while the Nazis had a side to the story as well, that side was completely invalid, and that there is no need to even present it. One of them also pointed out that Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist before becoming the global icon that he is today.

This whole thing made me happy, but as I said really exhausted me. I went back home and got ready to go out with friends for dinner. A friend is here for a short time and we all want to see her as much as we can. So we went to a Greek restaurant in town. We’ve been there many times before. It was excellent. The food, the company, and the lovely Kio beer. However, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one to feel this tired and we all left quite early after dinner. That’s when I wrote the message yesterday, it would be wrong to call it a post really. So there you go, from now on my blog posts will happen during the day, rather than in the evening. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t have to rush at 23:40 to write something.


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