Cooking Lunch Boxes for Friends and WIPs

So I decided to cook lunch boxes for two of my friends today to eat after A’s WIP at uni. I made a Thai red curry with beef meat balls. I love making red curry. It’s one of my favourite food stuffs right now. So I made it in the morning and let it cool and went to uni to watch A give his presentation. I really like his work. I think it’s very interesting and quite challenging, especially that it is so far removed from what I do. I also like his presentations a lot. He is very good at it. Today was no exception. I really enjoyed his talk and even though I was familiar with this bit of his work, having read the full chapter before, I was still drawn in and was able to think up two questions to ask.

I really enjoy our WIP sessions. The atmosphere is nice and friendly, and people are always willing to engage with the work being presented. What I also like is that the engagement is always in the spirit of making the work better. So if there ever is criticism it is always constructive. Also, I find that the way in which people are willing to go along with the presenter is very useful. So people usually accept your basic premisses and then see where you go with your argument, rather then question the very foundations of what you are doing. This is due in part to the fact that we are all working on such different and diverse subjects, but it is also a testimony to our mutual respect for each other’s work. It would be easy to criticise someone from the perspective of our specialist subjects, but I find that it is more useful to try and engage with that subject after taking for granted their basic assumptions.

So after a very nice presentation we had our lunch, which I’m happy to say was liked by everyone involved. We had a nice bit of hanging out. We then went to the student bar and had a pint. We also played pool. Now I haven’t played pool in something like 12 years. I used to be okay, but I was horrid today. I just don’t think I can be a world champion. Oh no what a shame! After that we wasted a bit of money on quiz machines in the pub. We found out that as a group we are quite intelligent and capable of scoring a very high score. I really enjoy trivia based quizzes as I have a lot of useless information rattling around in my brain.

I find that I am drawn to useless information like a moth to a flame. I just love it. I enjoy a show like QI maybe a little bit too much. The thing with trivia for me is that it really helps with my immense curiosity. That would explain why I enjoy gossip so much. I always toy with the idea of trying to go on a game show and win some money, I’ve done that before with the arabic version of the weakest link and actually won 2700$. But then I realise that my general knowledge has huge gaps, particularly in the pop culture of the UK from before I came here, and in certain subjects. I am, for example, very bad at Anglophone literature. The main reason for that is that I grew up with Francophone literature, which I’m pretty sure I’m bad at as well.

Anyway, that was my day in about 600 words. I have made my soup to take to school tomorrow, I need to buy a flask before I go though. I thought I had one, but I can’t find it. I think I might have thrown it away or given it away, I’m not sure. So I have a trip to the supermarket before I go to uni. I didn’t do much work today as well. I really need to make up for that tomorrow. I think that this coming week and a half will need to be quite intensive, at least in the work department. So on this useless information for all of you, good night.


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