A Lot of Good Food, Carving, and Weird Games

So again today I hung out with friends and had very good food. It was duck based today, and was brilliant. I really like duck. It’s one of my favourite birds to eat. But the way it was made today was incredibly good. Also, I carved my first pumpkin ever. It is a munchkin pumpkin, which makes it harder to carve. Anyway, we carved one each. Here are a few pictures of mine. I also took a picture of it next to a mug so you get an idea of its size.

My Munchkin Pumpkin

Size Comparison

It looks good doesn’t it. I also like very much the fact that my writing is between the two pictures. It’s very weird looking. So, As you can see I was able to do an alright job with it, even though it is so small. I have to say that everyone else did well also. It wasn’t a competition, even if some people took it to be one, you know who you are.

Anyway, after the carving we had some very good food. As I said, it was duck based, but did the job very well. By the end of the meal we were all making very satisfied noises. In fact, we communicated through them. I’ve had two excellent dinners two days in a row. I cannot complain about this in anyway. I am now ready to start a new week of work, and hopefully get a bit of the chapter done. I doubt that I will start writing this week, but you never know. I am ready to face a long and intensive week of work.

After our dinner, we played this very strange game. It is supposed to be a drinking game. However, we played it without drinking. It involved figuring out the game. It’s very interesting to play. I’m not going to give it away now, as I might play it with some of you at some point. A was the one who initiated it. It was a little frustrating at first but then, after a very long time, I figured it out. Yes that’s right I was the first to figure it out, not that it was a competition or anything. Sorry that’s just for the benefit of one or two readers, but it is very funny to them.

After everyone figured it out, some of us wanted to punish A for his fiendish and frustrating game. So we decided to play another game, only this time he was going to be the victim. The game is called psychiatre (as in psychiatrist in French). It is also a complicated and interesting game. It also involves keeping the rules of the game a secret. Only it is directed at one, or more, people at a time. Basically, everyone knows what’s going on except the person who is trying to figure it out. It’s also a very frustrating, and somewhat cruel game to play. A had a bit of trouble but eventually figured it out.

All in all another good evening. I had a very good weekend. I like when weekends are nice and relaxing. I am now fully charged and ready to do what needs to be done. I need to try to sleep early though tonight, as I want to actually make it to uni tomorrow early, and spend the whole day reading and writing. So I will leave you all right now and go and try to sleep.


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