Lazy Sunday

So this Sunday was more or less alright. I had a very nice Sunday lunch with my friends at a pub. We had a nice time and nice food. I like my friends. Anyway, I had fun but also kept thinking about work all the time. You see the problem is I’m really very late on my writing. I know I keep moaning about it but I kind of need to, and you choose to read my ramblings so don’t complain. I know you don’t but I’m pre-empting it. Oh and no talking to virtual people is not like talking to the voices in my head. I am not mentally ill.

So anyway, I keep being filled with dread about this whole situation. I need to read an awful lot of books and articles, I have to write an awful lot, and I have to find the time to do other stuff. I did a little bit of work when I got back home from lunch. It was good but not good enough. I really need to work out a better way to do these things. I’m glad I’ve got friends that care and are ready to listen to me feel sorry for myself, which is a definite plus. The worst bit is that I know I can do it, but I just feel like I’ve waited way too long to actually figure it out. I really just want to be done with it.

I’ve also started re-watching a series I really like today. It’s called Being Human. It’s on BBC3, but is still good. I know it’s shocking. I mean when you see the kind of crap that this channel produces, you can’t help but be surprised by the few excellent programs it does as well. Mongrels was such a wonderful exception. But anyway, I watched the first season of Being Human when it first came out. But I missed the second season. I am now catching up on it. The thing is the first season was really good. It also felt a little bit strange watching this when no one knew about it. It was like my little secret. Well mine and the few hundred thousand people who’ve seen it.

The basic plot of the series sounds ridiculous and childish, but somehow ends up being incredibly thoughtful and interesting. Basically there’s a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire who live together in a house. They all are having trouble with their supernatural, and evil for at least two of them, identities. The series basically follows their lives as they come to terms with who they are and their place in the world. It is about their struggle to remain human even though they have become something else, hence the title. Put like this it sounds properly idiotic. But it somehow pulls it off and ends up being a very engaging and powerful work on identity, choice, and difference. Also, it’s set in Bristol, which is cool.

So as I was saying the first season was really good. But the second season is even better. The characters are having to deal with a host of new issues and dangers. There seems to be a sort of religious sect who is hunting them as well. I mean the whole thing is really well done. The characters are tortured and complex. The writing is witty and bold in certain places. The performances are generally very good. I mean there is little bad to say about it. I really enjoy it. So watch it everyone and tell me what you think. Oh also there is a little bit of nudity and some gore. Nothing compared to other recent series, I’m thinking of Rome, Spartacus, the Tudors, Diary of a Call Girl, etc, but some none the less. I just thought you might want to know.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. I’m going to try to do a little bit of work now, before going to bed. I’m thinking of working at uni tomorrow. I need to wake up early for that. So anyway, that was my Sunday. It was mainly lazy and also filled with angst. I am going to try to be positive about this and think that this is when everything changes. I will start telling myself that from now on I will be a good little PhD student and do all the work I need to do. Hopefully that’ll fool my brain into thinking that all of that is true. It’s not of course but who knows it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy and I might just fool myself into thinking it’s true. I am not mentally ill.


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