Post in Two Instalments

So I’m not home at the moment. I’m writing from my phone. This is just to lock the post on today’s date. I will write more once I’m home. I hope you don’t judge me too harshly for this underhanded tecnique. Now only those who read my blog at night will be affected. Since for most of you this will look like a single post. So anyway, I’ll talk more when I’m home.

Right so now I’m back home. Well I’ve been back home for a while, but haven’t been feeling great. I had a good day and a good evening, but then after I wrote the first paragraph on my phone and posted it, I suddenly felt very ill. It’s the same issue I’ve had for the past few days. I thought I was better but it seems I’m not. Good thing is I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I wanted to finish this post earlier, but decided to try to sleep. However I’m too nauseous to sleep, so I thought I’ll write a bit and take my mind off the unpleasantness and sleeplessness.

So let me start by talking about my day. I continued the cleaning of my flat and I’m almost satisfied. Today was mainly about laundry and changing the way I organise my clothes. I also did some vacuuming and general dusting. The flat wasn’t that dirty, as I’ve been vacuuming on a regular basis. So I think what’s left for me is to reorganise my kitchen storage, put up the art I have bought more then a year ago, and I think I’ll be done here. And since it looks like I will stay home until, and after, my doctor’s appointment tomorrow then I’ll probably try to do that then.

After this long and productive day, I had a nice evening planned. It’s A’s birthday today, well technically yesterday, and we had planned to go to a French restaurant for dinner. Guess what? We did exactly that! Don’t you love it when plans actually happen. So we went to this nice restaurant and had lovely food, also some alcohol. We had a lot of laughs, especially when we were making fun of A, even though it was his birthday. We were quite mean, but in a loving way, still mean though. After that went back home and that’s when I felt like shit. So there you go a nice little circle to end the story.

I said yesterday that I wanted to talk about Palestine today. I still feel that my thoughts on the issue I want to bring up are a little rough and not thought through. So I was thinking of postponing writing about it again. But then I thought that this might actually be the best place to think through them, and also I realised that this post was shamefully short. So here it goes.

Remember two posts ago I wrote about the new racist and proto-fascist (I’m being nice here because I do believe that it is actually fascist) loyalty oath to israel as a ‘jewish and democratic state’ that was approved by the apartheid government of israel. Well, obviously the arab population of israel, which remember makes up 20% (and is rising) of the total israeli population, are quite upset. Also, the Palestinians of the occupied territories are upset, but I think that the ones who are most upset are the Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed from their land in 1948, and their decedents. As I have written before on this blog, I believe that there can be no peace in the region without the right of return, but that’s not the major point right now.

So with this happening on Sunday, the non-representative Palestinian Authority, which is somehow kept in power even though the term of the president has expired for a very long time, and the actual people who were voted in are not part of, said that there will be no negotiations with israel until the fake partial settlement freeze was extended. Netanyahu responded by offering to renew that freeze if the PA recognised israel as a jewish state. The PA surprised everyone by rejecting this ‘offer’. In other words they acted with a modicum of backbone, and did not collaborate more then they already have (which is on the levels of very high treason right now), at least not on that issue. The PA said that they already recognised the state of israel, they weren’t going to give more concessions until they get some results.

You see the problem with Netanyahu’s offer is the same as the problem with the oath. It alienates at least 20% of the population. Imagine the UK declaring itself a white and democratic state and demanding that everyone swear an oath to that. This is what israel has done. The other major problem of course is that if the PA recognise israel as a jewish state then the Palestinian Diaspora (which was kept away from power on purpose by the PA) would be seen by israel as not having a claim anymore to the right of return. You see if israel is a jewish state then it makes no sense anymore for arabs to say they have a right to return to that land.

Anyway, after the Arab League meeting, or as they’ve been called the circus of clowns, this weekend and its decision to give the US one month to sort out a deal to restart the negotiations, we have to wait a bit before this round of negotiations fails. I’m hoping that Abbas will go through with his promise and resign. I’m also hoping that he develops some kind of backbone during this time and decides to dissolve the PA, since it has failed miserably and made Palestinians lives worse because it is a set of institutions of collaboration with the occupier. If he does that, then israel will be in deep shit, because the PA that helps it mask and whitewash its apartheid and international law violations will be gone. The Palestinians will be seen for what they are, a people occupied, dispossessed, and systematically discriminated against through a racist system of laws and actions. In other words, Palestinians suffer from apartheid.

Well my thoughts are clear on the issue, it’s just my delivery of them that needs a bit of work. Anyway, that’s what I think about the recent developments. I could also talk about the violent take-over of the Jewish boat that was trying to reach the besieged Gaza a few weeks ago, but it’s a little bit late. Although this letter appeared in the guardian yesterday. The point that is important to make here is that israel said that the boat was taken peacefully. That’s a lie. Peaceful is taken here to mean without anyone dying, but that’s not what it means. You see tasering people and beating others while illegally boarding a boat in international waters, is not peaceful. Just because no one died or was seriously injured doesn’t mean the operation was peaceful.

Anyway, my nausea is better so I’m going to try to sleep now. Good night.


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