First Foreign Post

Gooood Morning Algiers! Well good evening rather. So, I am in Algiers can you believe it? I am actually in another country and another continent and still writing this crap. So this is my first actual foreign post. It is a very exciting time for me, and as we have established time and time again, I get very excited about very unexciting things.

So I woke up very early this morning, at 6:00 to be more precise, in order to take the tube to the airport and not pay a lot of money for the heathrow express. I had a dificult sleep in my room at the hostel. When I got there one of the beds was occupied and the guy in it was sleeping. He was snoring slightly, it wasn’t too annoying at first. But then he produced one of the loudest farts I have heard in my life. Now this was followed by a mixture of loud snoring and a flurry of very loud farts. Thankfully, the farts weren’t smelly but they were still loud enough to make me have trouble falling asleep.

Around 1 in the morning another roommate came in. He was, and still is I suppose, very tall and kept banging his head and feet on the top and bottom of the bed. I felt bad for him slightly. Only slightly though as I believe that tall people are an abomination. Anyway, he then fell asleep and started to snore in chorus with the other man. It was all very loud and annoying. I think that I finally gotto sleep at 2:30 or 3. Which meant that I had very little sleep by 6:00 when I woke up. Now I want to make it clear that I don’t blame the men for making unconscious noise, I do the same. However, this points out the limitations of sharing a room with strangers.

Well after I woke up I made my way to the tube station and bought myself a coffee from the only non-Starbucks coffee place that was open. The tube trip was about 1 hour long and pretty uneventful. We did however stop a couple of times and wait for a signal or platform to become free. I guess that I will get on the tube from now on to go to the airport, since it ends up taking a little longer then the express, if you take into account the trip to Paddington, yet it costs a lot less then the express.

I flew out from terminal 5 in Heathrow. It’s a very nice terminal and I really like flying from there. I had checked in earlier online, so I didn’t need to get to the airport too early. I had no problems at security, which was very pleasent. I had a bit of breakfast from Eat, and then got to the gate and waited to board the plane.

When we got on the plane the captain made a very rambely message where he explained that five minutes before we got on the plane, the French air traffic conrollers decided to go on strike. Since we have to fly over France, that meant that we were going to be delayed. We waited about half an hour before we moved. Also, I keep forgetting how much the plane has to taxi before it reaches the runway. The flight was very nice and uneventful. I did a lot of work on the plane and enjoyed a very nice cup of tea.

Once in Algiers the pasport control people were highly ammused by the fact that I am an algerian born in Iraq with a passport issued in Lebanon. However, it was more about how funny it is rather than about me being a security risk. Anyway, I saw my dad outside and took a taxi home. We had Mergez for lunch, they’re lovely Algerian spicy sausages in case you don’t know. I did have a very nice and long nap this aftertnoon. This probably means that I won’t sleep early tonight. Well I’ll try to make it up by waking up early tomorrow.

We just got back from a nice restaurant diner. I am a little bit tired but not too sleepy so I thought I might as well try to work tonight. I did a lot today on the plane and yesterday on the train. If I can work hard tonight, then I’ll be able to finish a lot by tomorrow. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have to say today. I hope to have stuff to write about tomorrow, as my trips usually involve me talking to my dad qnd nothing more.


3 Responses to “First Foreign Post”

  1. zalface Says:

    Are you on your dad’s diabolical azerty keyboard?

  2. oooo Zalfa, you beat me to it!

  3. hahaha! You’re both very funny aren’t you? Well I’ve fixed it and now your comments will look completely stupid. So there :)!

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