Quick Post to Make the Deadline

Well I have to write this post in hurry if I am to make the deadline. I had a very nice evening and just got back home. We went out for dinner in town to French Living, a lovely French restaurant in Nottingham. I had my usual snails for starter, venison for main, and I went a bit crazy and had crepe suzette for desert. I also had about two glasses of wine with the food and a beer before that at the pub. I enjoy having friends visit because it means nice food. French Living is really a very good restaurant and I highly recommend it for anyone who visits Nottingham. Here’s their website.

My day was quite uneventful, I mainly did some work. It was just a bunch of small things that needed to be done. So I’m glad I got that done with. I hate the tiny admin things that creep up on you. But I managed to get them done today. Now I just have one small thing to finish and then I am back on thesis duty.

I am looking forward to a nice alcohol fuelled sleep now. It’s been two nights in a row of me getting slightly drunk, which is unusual, as I am not a very heavy drinker. I mean you just need to look at the amount of alcohol I had tonight to realise how low my tolerance for alcohol actually is. I know I have written about this before, and about how much of a cheap date I am.

Anyway, I can’t really think of anything else to add to this. My head is quite heavy with alcohol, sleep, and lots of good rich food. So I think sleepy time is coming quickly. I know I’ve written very little yesterday, and again today, but I hope you all understand. I also want to note that my posts for the next few days might also be very short, as I have quite busy evenings planned. Maybe I should try to write in the morning. I’ll see about that. Anyway, good night and sweet dreams.


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