Quite Busy

Right, so I know I’ve promised not to that anymore, but I’m going to have to write a short one today. I’m feeling a bit better with regards to my health, but I don’t know if I’m over it yet. My head hurts a bit. It’s like I’m in a constant low level of illness that sometimes gets better and sometimes gets worse. So if I don’t get any better soon, I’m going to the doctor’s next week.

Anyway, I went to the gym today but decided not to push myself, in order not to get sicker. I was able to work out a little bit though. I’m happy that the gym seems to be largely part of my routine now. I just wish the results of this routine start to show. I don’t think I made myself sicker but the problem is the weather was a little bit weird, especially the very strong winds. I hope the wind didn’t make me a bit worse.

Anyway, I need to go rest and maybe sleep soon. I know it’s been two short posts but my head aches are making it hard for me to write long posts. I hope that I will be able to write more tomorrow. Thanks for staying around and reading this even though I haven’t been providing you with proper posts for a few days. Peace.


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