Hello ever decreasing number of readers. I say ever decreasing but that’s not completely true. In fact, it is false but after a huge spike of hits for my 100th post, my hit counter has now decreased to a very small number. I have realised that I have a core set of readers, who are mainly my friends and then the occasional tourists. In fact, I have figured out a number of patterns about my readership and I thought I should share them with you.. It’s funny how compulsive I get about you. I keep feeling like I should entertain you and keep you wanting to read this.

So I thought about 15 of you visit this site on a daily basis, but I believe that this is not in fact the case. I think that I have about 40 or 50 people who will read this blog every week, but not every day. So my average hits is around 15 a day, but that’s because different people read it every day. I think only 4 or 5 of you do in fact visit my blog everyday. This explains the weird spikes of hits I sometimes get. The point is that once every three weeks to a month my hit counter reaches 70 or 75. This is usually followed by a much lower hit number, anywhere between 4 and 10. This to me means that sometimes you all read my blog on the same day.

Another thing I’ve realised is that publicising it on twitter doesn’t help much, because I think that my twitter followers who read my blog don’t need a reminder. So I have resorted to publicising it much less on there. I took that decision because my feed had become me linking to my blog. You see I haven’t been tweeting as often as I used to for some reason. In fact, I haven’t been tweeting at all for a while now. So I thought I would not turn my twitter account into a series of tweets linking people to this page. This hasn’t hurt my readership, thus proving that those followers who read my blog will do it whether I publicise it or not.

Another interesting thing is that when I publicise it on Facebook I get an immediate spike in readers. However, this happens only on the day I publicise it. This is strange as my Facebook friends aren’t stupid, so you would think that they know that this is a daily blog and so would read it if they were interested. However, it seems that they only remember it exists when I explicitly link to it. But again I don’t want to mention it everyday, because that would be annoying and spammy. I don’t want my Facebook feed to become a nuisance for my friends, so I only mention it on special occasions.

Another thing is that weekends seem to be a time when very few people read my blog. I find that qite fascinating as you would think that they have free time and would in fact catch up on the posts of the week. But it seems that this blog is read by people during week days, between 10:00 and 16:00. So I can only assume that it is used as a tool of procrastination, and I can only be proud of that.

One thing that is apparent though is that my core readership is increasing very slowly. This makes me happy. I like that I end up increasing the number of people who read this blog by 2 or 3 every month. This means that more strangers are reading this set of self indulgent non-sense. I am glad that’s the case as this makes me even more neurotic about writing something interesting, or at least trying to. So to al of you who read this blog on a regular basis I’d like to say thanks, you make me happy. To those who only visit once in a while, I’d like to say come on, pull your finger out and read it every day, or at least once every 3 days. And to those who have been linked to this by mistake then hope you enjoy it and visit more often.


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