Headache, Hatred of Editing, and Gym

So I will do something completely bunkers and write about things in reverse order from the title. That’s right I’m starting with the gym, what a maverick I am. Some would argue that the real maverick art would be to write something that has nothing to do with the title, in a sort of post-something-or-other critique of subjectivity and the process of writing, but that’s been done a million times over. So, to repeat for the not so bright out there, I will begin by talking about the gym, then my (or someone else’s, who knows I am a maverick after all) hatred of editing (it is me I’m not that insane), and then my headache. Take that ‘the system’.

So I went to the gym this afternoon and continued to perform quite well. I am flabbergasted by my level of fitness. Now, just to clarify, I am not fit, but I am much fitter then I thought I would be after my hiatus from going to the gym. So I was able to row quite well, run and walk for a long time, and bike at a sustainable pace. All in all I felt quite good with myself. I have also had low calorie food, but I am not going hungry, I am just eating things that are mainly water like veg and fruit. So I’m hoping to start seeing results with my weight loss in the next two weeks. I don’t want to lose to much all at once, but a little bit would be welcomed. Also, I’ve been wanting to book a tennis court to start playing with my new cheap racket, but the sport centre is closed until Tuesday, so that will have to wait until next week.

I needed to go to the gym because I’ve been suffering while doing the final edit for this chapter. I hate editing. It is one of the worst things about writing. It is boring as hell. See the problem I have is that once I have written something I am more or less done with it, except for the occasional grammar or spelling mistake that I need to correct I am very happy never looking at this piece of writing ever again. However, editing requires one to read with fresh eyes, as if someone else is reading it, but see I am the one who has written it and I know what I’ve written. So rereading a paragraph is agony. I say agony, concentration camps were agony, this is a bit of an inconvenience. But I’m bored and then get petulant and start acting brattishly, so I play my video game, listen to the radio, watch television, do my washing up, basically anything other then work.

This situation is starting to become a real problem for me and I need to find a solution. I still have three days to get it done, and it is only a full day’s worth of work, so I should be fine. It is just getting to the point when I think that I might be in need of some kind of kick up the arse, or some kind of real tangible deadline, like a presentation or a publication deadline. I don’t know. I think that in reality I should just pull my finger out, or in my case probably pull my whole arm out, and do the work. When I said my whole arm, I was referring to the amount of procrastination I am guilty of, not to the fact that my anus is so wide that fingers would not fit and an arm would be the only thing that could block it. What a nice image I have planted in all your minds, you can thank me later.

Finally, I started suffering from a very strong headache just before I started writing this post. It was clearly caused by my shoulder muscles, which are quite tense, probably from all the weights I am lifting (I am not lifting any weights). So I decided to take a nice hot bath, which I did. So basically I wrote about one third of this post before the bath and the rest after (again, as for an earlier post, all of this admin type of information is probably completely useless to you and in fact quite uninteresting, if not down right boring. But this blog is free and I need to fill it with words. These are great because they fill space. I also like that the justification for them fills a lot of space as well. I am acutely aware though that this is one of the last times I can write about it, since, unless you are all quite thick, which I know for a fact you are not, you probably got the point the last time this happened. So five or ten more times should do it). The bath helped a lot and I now feel clean, refreshed and no longer headachey.

I will now go back to try and do some editing before I sleep, since I am not sleepy in the least, and end up playing my game or reading something online. I haven’t been following the news too much lately. I should probably do that in the morning while I drink my tea. Anyway, hope you all have a good sleep or evening afternoon or day, as I am not in control of when you read this. I am going to edit.


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