Liverpool Part 1

I am sorry but this post will be a short one since I’m very tired and will want to sleep very soon. I had a long and tiring day. I will, however, write a more comprehensive post about these two days tomorrow or the day after. So we came to Liverpool today. I have to say that it is a very nice city. I knew it was a large city but I didn’t know that it was so active and interesting. There are plenty of museums, also a lot of public art. I must say I haven’t found anything negative to say about it yet.

We mainly walked around and visited the cathedral today. It’s a huge structure. I mean the mind boggles at the ability of human beings to create beautiful things. However, I got bothered at the fact that the church can get 28% more from one’s donations to it. This is the equivalent of the tax-exempt status of churches in the US. I really hate that because secular institutions don’t have the same privileges. When I make a donation to the Tate or the Natural History Museum they get what I gave them and nothing else. More importantly, these institutions don’t have services where people give money as well.

This whole thing just got me a little bit bothered because I see an injustice there. It seems that people who have imaginary friends get tax exemptions and special treatment. Oh and if you’re offended by the fact that I refer to your deity as an imaginary friend then grow up. If according to you I am an evil man and will burn in hell for all of eternity because I don’t believe in your deity, then I get to be rude about him. That’s the least I can do if he’s going to send me to burn in pits of fire and sulphur for eternity. Anyway, keeping with my attempt to build suspense into this blog: imagine some kind of suspenseful music in the background and the movie announcer voice saying: Next time on arabrhizome… Skinheads in cemeteries, untouchable art, good food, and more… Stay tuned for… Liverpool Part 2. Good night.


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