Press Conference

I was going to write about Nasrallah’s press conference today, but I decided to expand what I want to write about a bit. One of the reasons is that the press conference didn’t include anything absolutely ground breaking, except the fact that Hezbollah is able to hack the israeli drones and monitor the images that they broadcast back to israel in real time. Now, I have to say I am quite impressed, especially since they have been able to do this since the mid 1990s, which explains why they seem to be almost always one step ahead of israel. The evidence he provided against israel is circumstantial and cannot be called conclusive. However, as he himself says, there seems to be enough there to consider israel a suspect, since Syria was considered one for far less. What bothers me, and a lot of people, is that the international investigation did not consider israel a suspect at all. It is not to say that israel is responsible for every murder, political or otherwise, in the region, but they are definitely one of the prime suspects given their history.

The second and most important reason is the fact that while the press conference wasn’t that interesting, what is interesting though is the reactions to it. To be more precise, what I find interesting is the reaction of the ‘pro-western’ camp of Lebanon. I put pro-western in scare quotes because that’s the way the west describes them in order to make them sound like friendly, pro-democracy, and pro-freedom parties. The truth of course is quite different. This camp consists of Fascists and Sectarian parties, war lords responsible for the death and disappearance of thousands of civilians during the civil war. One of the parties is the Phalenges, which as you might know have been formed in the image of the Nazi and Fascist party. Also, the Lebanese Forces are another Fascist party that formed when they found the Phalengists to not be extreme enough. They are both responsible, under the supervision of the israeli army, for the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Now before going further, I have to say that almost everything I say about the ‘pro-western’ camp can be applied to their opponents. I do not criticise one side in order to aggrandise their opponents. I think they are both corrupt, and they both rely on the basest tribal and sectarian instincts.

The ‘pro-western’ camp, which from now on I will refer to as March 14 (which is their actual name), was very quick to point the finger at Syria, as soon as the murder happened. They based their analysis on political conjecture and on testimonies that turned out to be false. Today, Nasrallah has provided strong circumstantial evidence that israel had something to do with the murder. If one was naive enough to expect consistency from March 14, then one would expect them to jump at the opportunity to accuse israel. Indeed, the evidence Nasrallah provided is more convincing then pretty much everything they used to accuse Syria. But expecting consistency from Lebanese politicians is like expecting integrity from them. More importantly March 14 have been, whether directly or indirectly, linked to israel. Some of the parties used to be allies with israel, and given that they haven’t renounced their past and still consider what they did during the civil war to be justified, can be said to have questionable loyalties.

This was confirmed again as a representative of the Lebanese Forces rejected what Nasrallah offered, not as circumstantial, but as an opinion. Now as I said, the evidence given is not a smoking gun, but it is a lot more than a political opinion. When he was pressed about whether or not the international investigation should investigate israel as a potential suspect, he became very defensive and said that it would be silly to do so, because it would waste time. I thought that it wasn’t surprising to see an LF member taking israel’s side, their party did do israel’s bidding during the civil war. What is interesting though is that they are doing it now in a very blunt way. It’s as if they aren’t ashamed of it anymore.

All in all the reactions are starting to come and I think that they will be interesting. I am waiting to hear the reaction of the international investigation team. I’d like to know whether they will feel pressured into explaining why israel was never considered a suspect, even though there seems to be enough evidence to do that. More importantly, are they going to seek to question israeli officials and army members over this evidence. My guess is no and no. But that would really damage their credibility.

Anyway, I know this post was a bit all over the place, but I’ve been working hard and will go back to work now. I only wanted to take a half hour to write something and then go back to work. I hope it’s not too hard to read and too rambely.


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