Bad Performance, Parental Issues, and Technophobia

Right so I forgot about today’s blog again. But I still have a bit of time to write something. Today was an emotionally tiring day. It was supposed to be nice but my mom was in one of her moods. It’s annoying when she gets that way. I love her but sometimes she really makes it difficult to like her. I don’t know if it’s age but she sometimes acts like a spoilt little brat. Today was one of those days. Thank goodness Z was around to make me feel better. I was able to vent to her and get most of my frustrations into words rather than bottling them up and turning them into resentment. Anyway, that comes with the territory I guess, parents will get on your nerves. I’m over it now and hope that tomorrow she’ll be in a better mood as we have a long day in front of us. I know that by the end of the evening she was better and I showed her how to google things, again, and how to surf the internet. She did take notes so I hope she now feels confident enough to do things on her own.

The whole day wasn’t bad, we met A and C for lunch at the Vic and I had a great time with them, as usual. We had a lovely Sunday lunch. It’s the Vicfest, which is a series of events organised in the summer by the Vic. Today there was a young boy singing and playing the guitar at lunch. I have to say he is talented and definitely has potential but he didn’t exhibit the best judgement today. It was a nice day and the sun was out, people were drinking and feeling good about themselves. His choice of songs however didn’t reflect that mood at all. He played a series of covers and originals that can best be described as melancholic and dark. If it was a late night in a dark pub then it would have been good I think, but on this nice Sunday lunch on the terrace it just felt wrong.

Also, his A string on the guitar was also out of tune, which is just annoying. He started with an a cappella number and then proceeded to tune his guitar on stage, badly as it turns out, which is a definite no no for performers. You might retune your guitar if it somehow gets detuned in the middle of your set but you certainly make sure that it is tuned and ready before you get on. He also spoke very softly between songs, so we couldn’t hear what he was on about. This made him look like a scared little boy rather than a charismatic performer. It’s a shame because his voice was quite decent, in fact, and had he exercised better judgement in his choice of songs could have made the lunch very enjoyable. However, it just felt like we were subjected to a high-school talent show that we didn’t want to attend. We kept having to shout over the music in order to talk to each other and that put a bit of a damper on our enjoyment. We did make a lot of fun of him though, which I guess compensated for the whole situation a little bit.

Latter in the afternoon, I joined A and his friends in an online Modnation Racers game. We played a few races that were quite enjoyable. They all had bluetooth equipment and so were talking, but I could only hear them, as my own bluetooth thing refused to work. I think I should get a proper PS3 one. My mom was sitting around playing on her computer, and after a while said to me that someone in this game I’m playing sounds a lot like A. That made me laugh and I told her it was in fact him. However, I didn’t explain and she didn’t quite make the connection, so she asked me if A had made that game, which made me laugh even harder. I explained to her that we were actually playing online together, which seemed to impress her quite a bit. It’s funny to see how things that are so mundane to us, seem so wondrous for technophobes like my mom.

The thing with my mom and technology is that she is afraid of breaking it. It’s not so much that she hates it, rather she is scared shitless of it. Of course she rationalises it and says things like the internet is really bad. However, when you press her on why it is bad, she doesn’t really have an answer. When you explain to her that it is in fact as important for the cultural history of humanity as the invention of writing and the possibilities that it provides, you can see that she wants to like it but is so scared that she’d rather not accept it. I feel a bit sorry for her, that’s why I keep trying to get her to learn how to navigate the wondrous seas of knowledge, trash, and porn that is the world wide web. She is getting there slowly, but I can see that she is still somehow afraid she might break the internet.


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