Small Break

Right so I’m taking a small break from my writing in order to write this post. I had a very slow start this morning. In fact, I didn’t start writing properly until very late in the day. I’m still very far from my target word count, but I’m slowly catching up. I think I will stay up quite late in order to finish this section of the chapter. Hopefully that means that I can write the rest this weekend without too much trouble.

After the slow start though I got a sort of surge of writing energy. I’m actually typing quite fast. In fact, I think that for the first time in my life I’m able to type for an extended period of time without actually looking at my fingers and at the keyboard. If I keep going like this I will soon be able to do that all the time. That’ll save me an incredible amount of time. Especially when I’m copying some quote from a book.

Well that’s pretty much it from me tonight. I really need to get back to work and try to hit a high number before I sleep. My chapter needs to be about 15000 words. I’m almost half way there. It might not look very good but I think I can make it. I’ve written more in less time before. I just hate how long it takes me to actually start writing. If I could even write 200 or 500 words a day I would have been done with this thesis a long time ago. Stupid way in which I work! The thing is though. I do not produce too many unusable words. Which I guess is a plus. Anyway, back to work.


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