No Writing

I’m back on a no writing time. It’s a bit of a shame that even though I know exactly what I want to write in my chapter, I’m not able to concentrate. It’s been two days without a single word. I hope I can get out of this situation quickly. I’m emailing my supervisor with what I have tonight and I’m asking for a meeting with him. I hope it goes well.

I don’t know what to do to just concentrate. Of course, since I can’t work. I’m not sleeping either. I didn’t sleep until 5 am yesterday. I woke up around  10 am which is okay. I need to keep waking up early, otherwise I definitely wont be able to work properly.

Anyway, in other news, Germany look unbeatable in this world cup. They are playing like gods out there. Every bit of their playing is superior to any team that faces them. Most importantly, they are playing like a team, rather than a collection of individuals. Of course, the individuals are brilliant as well. There is nothing bad to say about this team. Passes are perfect, crosses are perfect, finishing is perfect, position is perfect. I have to say they look to me like the team that will win it this year, at least morally.


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