Not Much

Well I don’t have much to write about as today was quite uneventful. Although I’d like to rant a bit about what’s been happening in Lebanon. Three young men were arrested because they made “slanderous” statements about the Lebanese president on Facebook. A warrant for the arrest of a fourth man has been issued as well. Now this is unacceptable on every level. If you remember yesterday Nayla Tueni accused the Palestinians of hindering freedom of expression, back in the day, in her racist op ed. Well what’s this then? Or is it okay when it is her government that does it.

Lebanon has always had a certain level of freedom of expression that many Arab countries do not enjoy. However, this freedom of expression has never been completely there. Indeed, I remember having to sneak out pamphlets about Palestinians civil rights in the trunk of my car. I also remember when the people who are now anti-Syrian used to crack down on any anti-Syrian expression, from articles to marches.

I don’t know what these men said about the president and to be honest I don’t care. It was on Facebook and so probably wasn’t that bad. More importantly, this kind of action only shows that Lebanon is nothing more than a police state. This smacks of complete stupidity. To me, this whole affair shows just how corrupt and out of touch the Lebanese government and justice system really is. It goes after people who wrote something on Facebook Instead of focussing on more important crimes in Lebanon, like the rife corruption, the violence against women, LGBTs, and migrant workers. Of course the state perpetrates most of these crimes so it would be naive to expect it to actually do something about it.

The problem with Lebanon is that the majority does not question the failed state that is Lebanon. It is based on sectarian and racist principles that no one in the political class really questions. If we want to get somewhere in that country than we must question these basic principles and be ready to build a free democratic and egalitarian state.


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  1. zalface Says:

    I was talking to someone yesterday about the “new” internet laws, and apparently they go even deeper than we’ve read in the media (or at least, more than I’ve read, since I can’t be bothered to read the Arabic articles). I was told that the state has given itself the right to access our passwords, among other things, to monitor what we do online. I’m going to change all my passwords the minute I get back to England!

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