Many Things Hopefully

So I have been writing short posts for a few days. I’m hoping to rectify this today or tomorrow. Let’s see how this one goes, the thing is I have a massive head ache, so I might just give up if it hurts too much. Anyway, you have been warned.

Z left for London today. We slept in her new flat, it’s lovely. It’s such a good flat. it’s roomy with a lot of light. You can get a bit of air circulation when you need it. We had a nice bit of fish in the oven and a good night all in all. We also had a very good time this morning before she left. I am quite sad that she is leaving but she’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I walked her to the train station and said good bye. And then walked back to work.

We kept chatting by text. We actually had a very nice bit of a comedy riff going on by text. She texted me that she had seen a funny looking brown cow. To which I replied that it must be a cow made of poo. She imagined it would be called either a pow or a coo. I then thought that if two of them were to get together they would be ‘coo-pow’ the deadliest pair of cows around. Which I think must be added to my list of rubbish super heroes. ‘Coo-pow’ the pair of deadly kung fu cows made of poo.

In other news, I am looking to move and might have found a nice house. I’ll be viewing it on Wednesday. I hope it’s not mouldy because if it isn’t it’ll be perfect for me for now, and then A might move in with me if he needs to. If I can find a house soon I’ll be very happy indeed.

I was thinking of writing a post about Palestine today as there have been a lot of positive, negative, and apparently positive but really negative developments (in other words, it’s pretty much as usual),I also wanted to write about a few other things, but my head is just exploding with pain. so I am very sorry, but I will have to stop now and hopefully be able to write a better one tomorrow.


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