Work, Corden, and Kaka

So I’ve been working all day today. I had to edit down the 2600 words I had and then write some new ones. So as I’m writing this my word count stands at 2431. I will work after I finish this post though. I’m hoping to hit about 3500 words tonight.

Other than work my day has been pretty useless. Except that I watched the penultimate episode of Doctor Who this season. It was an incredibly good one. It finished on one of the best cliff hangers in history. I can’t wait for the last episode next week. I have to say this season has been fantastic, apart from one episode. The episode last week was the most useless episode of Doctor Who I have ever seen. It was completely uninteresting and unrelated to the main plot line, and it had James Corden in it. I hate him. Especially after his disgraceful behaviour with Patrick Stewart. He is a bully, and an annoying idiot. His voice is infuriatingly annoying, his only joke is that he is fat, he is, or at least acts, very stupid, and he has been completely omnipresent on tv. I tried to watch his world cup show a couple of times but had to stop because it managed to make me both livid with anger and bored out of my mind. I can’t believe he is paid a lot of money to be on tv when very talented people like Richard Herring are ignored.

The thing is all he seems to do is be smug and self aggrandising when he doesn’t have any reason to be. He co-wrote a good series, Gavin and Stacy, and that’s it. I can’t see anything else of worth he has done. He co-wrote a stupid lesbian vampire movie (How original and not disgusting and sleazy in the least!), he also co-wrote one of the worst sketch shows in the history of television (I know I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was dismal) where the only joke repeated over and over and over again was that he is fat (Hahaha! Did you see he is fat? Hahaha it’s hilarious he’s fat! Look at his fat ugly stomach! This is the funniest thing anyone has ever thought of in the history of humanity! Let’s build a whole series around that idea and repeat it again and again and again, while people with something more intelligent or interesting to say are completely ignored by tv executives).

I also watched the football today. It’s nice to see that the world cup has definitely picked up. After a very boring first round in the groups the games are now a lot more interesting. Brazil today was brilliant. I don’t really like them but their display of skill today was great. I was very disappointed by the Ivory Coast. The shameful dive that got Kaka sent off was really low. I hope the automatic one game ban is lifted because he didn’t deserve to be sent off. If you are Francophone you would know that his name is very funny to anyone who has an immature sense of humour like me. His name means poopoo. I know it’s hilarious. Me and A have so much fun with it. It’s like we’re two incredibly immature six year olds. Anyway, I think I should get back to work now.


3 Responses to “Work, Corden, and Kaka”

  1. What Ivory Coast did was crap… I agree with you.

    But also — what about the refs missing Luis Fabiano’s hand ball for his second goal?

    • Indeed, the ref was crap throughout. The shot of him laughing with Fabiano about it was very telling. I think it’s about time FIFA get over themselves and introduce video technology.

  2. Bron Says:

    Totally agree about Corden. I saw him on Buzcocks, found him *unbelievably* irritating and loud…

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