Even Shorter

I’m very sorry to announce that I will write a very very short post today (By the way I have edited yesterday’s post to fix the errors that came from writing it too quickly). I have been really very busy for the past two days, between work, the football, and a few social events I haven’t found a free hour to properly think about the blog and write a good post. I will try to write an extra, longer post, tonight if I have time.

So I wanted to share a couple of articles that I really enjoyed reading today. There’s this one, which is a very interesting non-zionist, or at least skepti-zionist, view from a pro-palestinian Jewish person. Also, this one, which is a very nice round up, quite angry, of the whole flotilla affair and israel’s refusal to allow a proper inquiry.

Tonight, after the football, A and I will be recording our first podcast. I will let you know how it went and whether we’ll publish it or no. So watch this space for information on the subject. I’m quite excited about it.

Well like I said extremely short post today. I gave you two articles to read though. I promise I will sort out my schedule so that I have time to write more. I like how I make it seem as if you all have no life and are waiting for my posts. It makes me feel better about myself to deceive myself into thinking that you are disappointed by short posts, when I know for a fact that you couldn’t give a fuck, or at least you don’t care all that much. Also, as a further present to say sorry, here‘s Mark Kermode “not ranting” about “Sex and the City 2”, and a lovely Blog post about it too.


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