Summer Storms in Spring

So I woke up on Saturday to see that the Rachel Corrie had been boarded, in international waters, and it’s passengers were arrested. The israelis talked about how the fact that there was no violence on this ship is more evidence that it was the activists fault that they were murdered. This argument is flawed on so many levels that to engage with it would be ridiculous. However, I am in a somewhat ridiculous mood, so I will just point out a couple of problems: First, the israelis were very careful not to make the same mistake as last time. Second, the activists were frightened of showing any sign of resistance because they knew that if they did they would be killed.

I am really very angry at the BBC. They are being real wimps. Mark Regev’s outrageous claims are not questioned by the interviewers, his refusal to answer semi-difficult questions is not remarked upon, and his contradictions are not pointed out. On the other hand, the survivors of the flotilla are subjected to semi interrogations with outrageously unfair questions and comments that imply the survivors are lying. I understand that the BBC is afraid of sounding anti-israeli but under Mark Thompson the BBC has failed to be objective when it comes to israel. We all remember how the BBC refused to air the Gaza appeal. They really need to pull themselves together because we are paying for them to be journalists not propagandists for the israeli government.

I know it might sound like I’m being too harsh but if any of you saw the interviews you would know why I feel so strongly about it. On the other hand, watching al Jazeera is absolutely different. Also, the BBC fails to mention the fact that the israeli government has admitted to doctoring the sound and images that they used to “prove” that the flotilla members are anti-semitic.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the constant use of the anti-semitism in order to dismiss any legitimate criticism of zionism and israel. The problem is that the term has become completely devalued. Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. To hate an ideology based on fascistic premises is not the same as hating a people for the ethnicity, race, religion, or culture they happen to be born into. Zionism is a political ideology based on the premise that the jewish people have some kind of natural and devine right to the land of Palestine. That is a fascistic principle, a people cannot claim the land of others as theirs. The problem is that zionism tries to equate itself with Judaism or Juishness. That is absolutely wrong. In fact, most Jewish people are not zionist and most zionists are not Jewish. Some of the staunchest supporters of zionism are the american crazy religious right. They support zionism because they believe that when the Jewish people return to Palestine, the messiah will return and will either convert them, i.e. the Jewish people, to christianity, or damn them to hell. That’s nice isn’t it?

However, this time it seems a storm is brewing. The people of the world are ahead of their governments. They are starting to wake up and realise that israel is an anachronistic state built on fascistic principles. They are not willing to let israel do whatever it wants without ever being held accountable. BDS is making gains on a daily basis. Unite, the largest trade union in Britain, has voted unanimously to boycott israel. The Swedish dockers have decided to blockade any ship that comes from israel or transports israeli produce, they will not work on them. The Gorillaz and Klaxons, and on Sunday the Pixies, have decided to cancel their performances in israel this summer. All of this makes me very very happy.

Saturday was very hot. In the evening Z and I went to AM’s house in order to have a barbecue and discuss the podcast. The food was very good, and we decided what form the podcast will take. So we are going to try to record one this Saturday.

After going back home, Z and I both felt very sick. Z woke up sick accusing me of making her sick, which is very likely the case. I was feeling good all day but towards the end of the evening I suddenly felt very very ill. After getting home we started hearing what we took to be fireworks, we could even see that there was lights in the distance. But then we realised that in fact it was thunder and lightning. It was a summer storm in spring.


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