On Activism

I feel like I haven’t written anything for a very long time. In fact, I wrote yesterday’s post early in the morning and I’m now writing quite late in the day. So it seems longer than it actually is. I spent most of Yesterday trending #Flotilla and #Freedomflotilla on twitter. The whole day past in a sort of angry and frustrated haze. It felt like all I could do was making as much noise as possible on twitter and facebook.

It seems to be the only way I could help. I already boycott all the products that are made and produced in israel and the settlements. I also do not buy anything from any company that trades with and within israel. But while all of this is very useful and ultimately is the best weapon we have to fight apartheid, as the South African model has shown, it doesn’t help deal with the frustrations of a day like yesterday, or the attack against Gaza in 1008-2009.

Twitter is a nice way of shouting. It lets me basically yell over the internet, it can be very cathartic in this way. The problem, however, is that it is not a replacement for real-world activism. But what can I do? I don’t live in London and can’t be part of the big demos that happen there. I’m not British and so do not have the immunity that British and European citizens have. I am also not sure what to do. It seems like there aren’t real options open for me. So I boycott, I try to talk about Palestine to my friends, and I try to use cyber activism on twitter and facebook by sharing good articles and important news.

I will probably write a longer post tomorrow. I am tired and a bit ill. I will also try to write an extra post at some point to explain why we cannot let this crime be swept under the carpet like all the other israeli crimes. It is time for israel to understand that the people of the world do not accept apartheid, piracy, and bullying, we all need to join the BDS movement.


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