Battlestar Galactica and This Blog’s Direction

Disclaimer: From now on I will refer to people using their initials. That way it’ll be easier to identify people and hopefully the blog will be easier to read.

So I’ve been thinking about this blog a bit. It has turned into a kind of daily diary. I’m not exactly unhappy about that but I don’t want it to be only that. I’ve realised that I’m trying to fit everything interesting that has happened to me on the previous day within one post. I want it to be a little bit more diverse I guess. I had envisaged it with a post on a book I’m reading, when I have time to read, or a series I’m watching, or even an idea that has been hanging out in my head, as well interesting stuff that has happened to me. I thing that I have three options to deal with that: Either I keep it the way it is, or I write a post from time to time that doesn’t involve me talking about my day, or I write an extra post when I want to write about something other than my day. In other words, I might change the way I write posts and I might not. I haven’t decided yet. Feedback is appreciated.

Anyway, Wednesday was an interesting day. I needed to start writing. You see I am done with everything non-thesis related. There are no more excuses. I went to uni in order to hand in the copies and also work there. The problem is the AGC was full of people talking, so I was unable to concentrate. Also, the heating was on, and it seemed to be set on “the centre of the earth” setting. It was stuffy and smelly, as everyone was sweating profusely. The library wasn’t even an option, as it was going to be full of undergrads preparing for their exams quite loudly. I realised very quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to work there.

Back home I sat in front of the computer. For a while, I found myself in the all too familiar situation of staring at a blank page of a word document. Writing a sentence and then erasing it, writing a sentence and then erasing it, and so on. But after about an hour or so I was writing. It just happened without me trying. I just started writing. It didn’t even register properly in my brain that I was actually working. Now, I realise that what I wrote is mostly unusable (wrong register, too much repetition, unsubstantiated statements) but it is something, a bit over 1000 words of something. I was getting over my writer’s block and I think it is in part due to this blog.

Thursday will need to be more productive. I’m going to need to have by the end of it about 1000 usable words. After that I need to write something along the lines of 1000 words a day (more or less) and I’ll have a chapter draft ready for the 18th.

In other news, I went to the gym and saw a guy running on the treadmill while wearing an anorak and jeans. It was very surreal as the gym was warm. The man seemed to have walked in by mistake, on his way to Sainsbury’s or some stamp collecting convention, and got stuck on this machine. It seemed extraordinary that he is exercising while wearing that attire, but even more that no one else was interested. I know that I have talked about my fondness of eccentrics in a previous post, and I stand by this. It was just strange to see such an eccentric figure in the middle of the university gym, that’s all.

Back home I watched the Battlestar Galactica pilot before I went to sleep, and I’m hooked. I know I’m about 5 years late, but it is very impressive. I will probably buy the dvd box set or borrow them from A. I think I will like the series enough to own it though. So that’s something to think about.


One Response to “Battlestar Galactica and This Blog’s Direction”

  1. Clément Says:

    About the blog’s direction, I’d say that if I were you I’d keep writing systematically, diary-like, until you don’t get any writer’s block.

    Once that is done, I’d keep writing every day, but choosing between either a review, or a diary entry, or something else. Otherwise, keeping both diary, chronicles, and whatever else you come up with will become quite a lot of work, and thus counter-productive.

    About Battlestar, I’d say 7 years, not 5.

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