The Doctor and Other Stuff

Disclaimer: There might be some spoilers in this post for people who haven’t watched last night’s episode of Doctor Who.

As some of you might know I really like Doctor Who. I am a geek and I am quite proud of it. I watched last night’s episode, which was very good. I really like Mat Smith. He is excellent as the doctor. I think that people should really give it a chance, if you’ve never watched it before. It’s also nice to see it turning darker and darker as the seasons roll by.

Last night’s episode turned into a very dark affair indeed. So far this season a host of new enemies have been introduced and every time a new enemy is introduced I’m a bit sceptical at first. But, like a bad Pavlovian dog, every time I’m pleasantly surprised. The enemies this time around seemed quite lame at first and seemed to be out of the Sarah Jane adventures, but then they became very dark. The fact that they are not inherently evil, which seems to be the case for most of the new additions, is really interesting. The Daleks for example are great enemies, but they are evil in every way. These enemies, the homo reptilians, are not. They are analogous to humans. They are as evil as humans are, which it seems is quite evil. The end of the episode with the trapped reptilian saying to the human that one of them will kill him and she knows who was very powerful. Also, the image of the reptilian doctor coming to dissect Amy was incredibly well done. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

I also like Stephen Moffat‘s monsters. Be it the Vashta Nerada, the Weeping Angels, or the Automatons, they are all very scary. They seem to be rooted in very simple fears. His writing is very good, because, as I said, he takes simple fears and transforms them into great monsters. The Vashta Nerada for example come from the fear of dark. I remember the doctor explaining what the Vashta Nerada are, saying something along the lines of :”You know how a lot of humans have an irrational fear of the dark? Well they’re wrong. It’s not irrational.” The weeping angels are another example of that. Statues that move only when no one is looking at them.

Other than the doctor, yesterday was okay. I spent most of the day doing stuff around the house: tidying, laundry, dusting, etc. It really feels like summer is here, even though we’re in the middle of spring, and we can reasonably expect more rain and cold. Yesterday was very warm. Which means that the drunk topless men, who seem to come out of the earth itself when the sun is out, are out in force. As I was coming back from a bit of shopping I saw a group of 5 young topless men in a pick up truck. They stopped and seemed to be waiting for me. I was a bit apprehensive, as large groups of young men scare me. In the end they only wanted directions to the supermarket. They left without a single incident, which was a good thing even though it makes for a boring story.

I also had a proper look at iweb and it’s incredibly easy to use. One can create a website in a few minutes. I’m going to see my friend today to figure out what we’re going to do for the podcast and the website. We need to decide where to host it, what the frequency of our podcasts will be, and other stuff related to all that business.

My girlfriend came back yesterday. She was tired after a long flight. We’re having lunch together today then she has a birthday to go to and I have a podcast to work on. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will include more tangible information about the podcast.


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  1. Your blog is so informative

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